Green Works

These works are carried out in the surrounding areas where the company already operates, with the use of machinery and equipment used to use.

  • Housing and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of public and private areas
  • Mowing of grass road public and private
  • culls of plants stem with eradication or grinding stumps
  • Disposal of green
  • Creation of green areas, parks and public gardens, playgrounds certified materials
  • Cutting grass on slopes with machinery and equipment suited for working on slopes, complete with cutters tranciaerba forest
  • Training Turf
  • Maintenance of shrubs and hedges
  • Maintenance of Trees
  • Plant health
  • Interventions for cleaning, trimming of wooded areas, river banks, escarpments and roadside
  • Implementation of automated irrigation systems
  • Jobs forestation and reforestation
  • Environmental restoration and recovery of vegetation
  • hydroculture on embankments
  • Jobs Defence spondale water and forest