Industrial Cleaning and Civil

This sector of the company has many years experience in the cleaning of public places and private, with a particular attention to the welfare of the people who live in constant within such structures.
The services provided are properly programmed and controlled through the organization managed by the Head of Service.
We guarantee customer extraordinary interventions of emergency, maintaining speed and efficiency. The company is also specialized in interventions with specific machinery for all types of cleaning, using products and professional cleaners in compliance with environmental regulations.
The firm Lipstick Srl poses also very important in a relationship of trust with its customers.

  • Cleaning thoroughly generic and ordinary, for public and private hospitals, condominiums, stairs, sports facilities, swimming pools, churches, barracks, hotels, shopping malls, industrial buildings with special treatments for resin floors
  • Sanitation
  • Cleaning inside of ships, rail cars, aircraft
  • Washing of windows and facades outside (even at great heights), cleaning of graffiti from the walls, post-renovation cleaning, drapery cleaning and replacement of various types
  • Washing and application of carpets and rugs with special equipment and machinery
  • Porterage and evacuation, with the eventual disposal of bulky items.