Snow Clearance

All the machines of our companies have a minimum output of 120 hp and a maximum of 360 hp, are equipped with salt spreaders, blades release and turbofrese double stage. All our equipment is suitable for the high snow, certified and approved Schmidt /Assaloni (the leading brands in the snow removal).
Furthermore, to complete this type of service, we are equipped to sweeping machines, zero tail swing excavators, loaders and backhoes of various sizes.
Our company also provides cleaning snow on sidewalks and other pedestrian areas in which the means snow removal can not get with turbofrese tracked and wheeled man on the ground from 16 hp to 40 hp.
The same company has a workshop full of support for each location in which it operates, in order to ensure a consistent service of viability in case the eventuality requires it.

Truck type Unimog U400 /500 -wheel drive 290 hp with PTO and rear, complete of:
  • Spreaders saline substances, designed exclusively for the distribution evenly dispersing of products with an effect de-icer or adhesion to combat the slipperiness on roads and bike paths. The material which is usually used depends on the weather and road conditions.
  • Snow Blade spring multi-sector, with a stable frame, knives scraping with an angle of incidence of 25 degrees and rovesciatoio in case of impact with wells to the ground. These blades are indicated interventions for deep snow and the removal of wet snow, frost and heavy. Moreover, are complete devices that increase the visibility and safety.
  • Tubofrese front with a single central chimney launch with a 240 degree rotation, ideal eviction and the enlargements, even in the presence of hardened snow and ice. They are equipped with safety systems that block the rollers in case of impact, via a hydraulic clutch. They have a sweeping width of 260 cm and a height of 135 cm. Their snow-clearing capacity is 3500 m 3 /h and a throwing distance of approximately 30 m.

  • Turbofrese propelled

    These cutters are mounted on a special frame articulated steering. Thanks to this steering system, the pair of 4-wheel drive is always applied in the direction of the cutter head, in every condition. The rear part of the vehicle follows the exact trccia Generated from the head independently of the steering angle, eliminating the need to collapse the walls of the snow on the street just clean.
    These machines also allow you to throw the snow over large distances, left or right, or loading of trucks.
    These vehicles are hydrostatic. The feed speed can be adjusted without solution of continuity, as well as the speed of rotation of the cutterhead.
    The engine, which manages both the advancement that the transmission of power to the snow blower, is located in the rear of the vehicle, has a power of 420 kW and a capacity maximum clearance of 5000 metric tons of snow per hour.

    Tractor Hydrostatic

    These machines are equipment rack in versions from 90 to 200 hp, equipped with hydrostatic transmission integral, continuous selection of speed (adjusted by two potentiometers on the basis of the effort to which the engine is subjected), hydrostatic steering with four types of guide Serial and PTOs front.
    The models from 90 hp, in addition to mount a snow plow, snow blower are equipped with 220 cm wide by 60 cm in height, with capacity evacuation of 3,200 m 3 /h.
    Even models with 200 hp blades for snow mountain snow and high operating turbofrese 260 cm wide by 135 cm high, with a capacity of evacuation 3500 m 3 /h.

    Tractors retroverted

    These machines are all-wheel drive with powershift transmission, equipped with a reversible driving position, that facilitates the operations of milling and enlargement even in confined spaces. They are ideal for mounting turbofrese by 260 cm wide by 135 cm high. in addition to, plate on the equipment rack front mounted blades for snow deep snow.
    They have a power of 220 hp at the PTO.

    Machines sweepers

    The use of these is the collection of non-slip material and cleaning road at the end of the winter season: gravel, leaves, cleaning drains, etc..

    Excavators zero tail swing

    They are used, in addition to the function of excavations, for the removal of layers ice and snow where the sweepers can not reach.

    Mechanical shovels and backhoes

    Also these are used for the loading of salt and gravel in spreaders road, winter as well as for other uses.

    Mills snow man on the ground

    They are used to clean driveways and sidewalks, entrances Monthly, small plots, patios and other parts are difficult to access by other means.
    We cutters of various powers, from 16 to 40 hp.